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How to make your company more productive from technology

The constant question companies ask themselves is how to make my organization more productive, but what is productivity? This is the relationship between the results and the time it took to obtain them, "according to Fedezarrollo: an American worker is 4.3 times more productive than in Colombia," and this is due to a large quantity of factors, in this case, we will analyze only one, technological.  answerhop There are different ways to improve the productivity of your organization, which can be divided into three categories: in the productive apparatus of the organization, in aspects such as the modernization of production equipment, which makes its products better and faster, in the organization chart and in the correct use of technology. It is on this last factor that we are going to focus our attention on.     techqueer Technologically, companies are confused about how to help their employees are productive by giving them a laptop, a mobile phone and an email add

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